Ye Olde Guide to the St. Louis Renaissance Faire

Once every year, the kingdom of Wentzville (in a strange and mystical place known as Missouri), hosts a celebration of merriment unlike any other. A festival filled with sloshing tankards and the melodious clashing of blades. A festival known as the St. Louis Renaissance Faire.

For all those inquiring knights and maidens fair, we’ve put together ye olde guide to this year’s festivities. Read on to begin your journey…

Halt! Who Goes There?

If it be passage into the festival you seek, then we must answer these questions three!

  • When: Every weekend from September 16th to October 15th, 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Where: Rotary Park in the kingdom of Wentzville, MO
  • How much: Tickets can be purchased online or at the gate. (Note: Visitors may attempt to bribe gatekeepers with ale. Success isn’t guaranteed.)

Where There Be Dragons…

Whether it be by horse, by foot, or on the backs of mythical beasts, your journey into the kingdom will surely be filled with peril and great strife. But once all weary travelers have rubbed together enough coppers to pass into the realm of revelry, boundless merriment awaits. For here, you’ll find...

  • Wares as far as the eye can see: If you have coins to spare, then you’ll want to venture into the faire’s marketplace. The bazaar hosts the best artists and shop-keeps that this fine kingdom has to offer.
  • Displays of great heroism: From the clashing of swords to archery and armored jousting, there will be no shortage of courage and sport.
  • Song and dance: Entertainment awaits you around every corner. Bards, jesters, and puppeteers will supply the day’s entertainment.
  • Tankards, goblets, and flagons (oh, my!): The key to a happy heart is a full cup and a round belly. You’ll have more food and drink than you know what to do with.

Your Journey Awaits!

With the right amount of ale, we’re all royalty. Be sure to venture out to the kingdom of Wentzville before this year’s harvest to partake in the St. Louis Renaissance Faire. Buy your passage online today to save yourself a bit of coin!

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