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Come January 1st, the world is your oyster. Or, rather, the year is. You’ve got 12 fresh months ahead of you, and literally anything can happen, including that New Year’s resolution.

Of course, some of us require a bit of additional help to make things happen, outside of our steely, new resolve. In which case, these three St. Louis, MO, gyms will be there to help you pick up the slack.

The Boxing Gym | Connect on Facebook

Sometimes, what we need to succeed in our exercise resolution is an alternative to the traditional gym setup. If the treadmill sounds particularly unappealing, or you’re not quite ready for the free weights, The Boxing Gym might be a better choice.

This gym, with its boot-camp style classes, is all about boosting member participation. You’ll be up on your feet, ducking, dodging, and throwing punches from start to finish. Trust us, it’s a lot more fun than you might guess.

Fitness Factory | Connect on Facebook

Have you been looking for the “tools to build a better you?” Well, we know exactly where you can find them: The Fitness Factory.

With 15,000 square feet of space total, the Fitness Factory is a bright, open, and inviting gym. Plus, they’ve got tons of equipment, too—60 cardio machines, over 30 weight machines, and 16 large screen TVs for you to enjoy while you’re there.

The Lab | Connect on Facebook

If it’s muscle that you’re looking to build, then you’ll definitely want to check out The Lab. Their forte is weight training, and they have plenty of classes and programs to help you get there.

Among their programs, you’ll find Strongman Training, Nutrition Counseling, and Heavy Metal CrossFit. They even have a LASER weight loss program is you need to shed some pounds before you can pack on the muscle.

Are You Ready to Make a Change?

Don’t like what you’ve been seeing in the mirror lately? Well, it’s time to get proactive. There’s no better excuse to hop on the bandwagon than your New Year’s resolution. These St. Louis, MO, gyms will make sure you make a lasting and satisfying change.

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