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Chocolates, caramels, and truffles—oh, my! Healthy eating is good for the body, but the occasional sweet is good for the soul. And these three fabulous St. Louis, MO, confectioners are here to care for your every sweet tooth craving.

The Caramel House | Connect on Facebook 

There’s no doubt that caramel is a delectable treat. However, some folks just can’t get past how sticky it is. Having to pick it out of your teeth can be a real pain!

But that’s precisely what is so remarkable about The Caramel House. Their small-batch, paper-wrapped salted caramels don’t stick. Instead, they simply melt in your mouth. And there’s hundreds of different flavors to choose from, too!

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company| Connect on Facebook

Back when Dan Abel started the Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company in 1981, he’d already spent several years apprenticing with master candy makers. Which is perhaps why the company’s confections seemed to take off so quickly.

Dan’s company has always sourced the finest ingredients from around the globe for their chocolates. You can get a taste of some of them by checking out their craft chocolate bars, which feature fun and tasty flavors like Key Lime Pie Truffle or Waffle Cone Caramel.

Kakao Chocolate | Connect on Facebook 

Though Kakao Chocolate has been in business for less than ten years, it has already built up a pretty impressive trophy case. Among their many awards, they’ve even picked up the “Best Chocolate in St. Louis” distinction.

These small-batch chocolates are all-natural with no preservatives or artificial flavors. If you’re having trouble choosing the right treat, we might suggest trying their truffles. Pick up an assorted box the next time you’re in the mood for something sweet.

The Cavities Will be Well Worth It

Even if you’re not looking to make a habit of chowing down on candy every day, you might find that these confections are a little hard to resist. But, hey, at least you know they’re made from the right stuff.

The next time you need a sweet fix, check out any one of these three St. Louis, MO, confectioners!


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