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The New Ram Truck line features sculpted exteriors and luxurious interiors reminiscent of smaller, more agile vehicles combined with the power and reliability of a full-size truck. For style-savvy drivers with heavy-duty truck needs, Ram Trucks can deliver.

In the past year Ram released several new features in each of its trusted Ram 1500 trucks, Ram 2500 trucks, and Ram 3500 trucks respectively. From these newest models we can expect:

New Ram 1500 Truck

This year Ram has outfitted the 2019 Ram 1500 with a newer, improved 8-speed automatic 850RE transmission and a 5.7-liter V8 HEMI MDS VVT eTorque Engine for faster and smoother acceleration. The changes aren't just under the hood, however, the new Ram 1500 now has Uconnect 3 with a 5-inch display standard in its lower two trim levels and 8.4-inch display in the highest level.

New Ram 2500 Truck

The 1500 isn't the only truck in the lineup with great performance. The new Ram 2500 boasts best-in-class gas 410 horsepower and a max gas torque of up to 429 lb-ft. The 2500 truck also has an impressive max gas towing of 16,320 pounds and a payload of 3,990 making it one of the strongest trucks on the market.

New Ram 3500 Truck

Not to be outdone, the new Ram 3500 offers even more strength and performance than its siblings. With the gas engine option, the 3500 truck can haul a max payload of 7,350--nearly double that of the 2500. The new Ram 3500 also has best-in-class fifth-wheel towing that allows it to reach up to an astounding 30,000 pounds. And, in its diesel engine option, the 3500 can reach up to 31,210 pounds of max towing.

Which is Right For You?

All three new Ram Truck options are built for power and optimal towing and hauling capabilities. The level of performance you should choose depends on the demands of the activities you will need to complete. Check out our inventory pages for a better idea of which Ram Trucks you should consider.

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