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Glendale CJDR Express Lane Services


Our Express Lane service is open to all Glendale CJDR customers in the Clayton area who don't have time to wait for service or set an appointment in their busy schedule. Our service is here for customers, so why tie people into an appointment? The Express Lane at Glendale is here...

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Do Windshield De-Icers Really Work?

With ice accumulations of a quarter inch or more, the morning commute can be rough. The hardest part is often de-icing your car. A news station put two de-icers to the test to answer the question - do they really work? 

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3 Things to Know Before Your Car Starts Vibrating

Vehicle vibration can be much more than annoying. Left unattended, a pesky vibration from your ride can turn dangerous -- even deadly. Vibrations are difficult to pin-point and even harder to repair, unless you know exactly where to look. Here are three types of vehicle vibration and some tips to help you determine which one applies to your situation.

Varying Vibration
If your vehicle has a vibration which is felt only at certain speeds, then chances are that you have a tire problem. Typically, a tire balance malfunction will manifest itself at a particular speed, and then subside as speed is…
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Top 10 Tips for Safe Winter Road Travel


Just in time for the holiday travel season, Rand McNally's editors have pulled together the Top 10 Tips for Safe Winter Road Travel. The arrival of cold and blustery weather in many parts of the country combined with increased traffic on the roads, can make getting "over the river and through the woods" more stressful than at other times of the year.

"More than 60% of U.S. leisure travelers take road trips," said…
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What your tires are trying to tell you

Does that wear on your tires mean you need your wheels balanced? Or new shocks? Or do you simply need to change your driving habits? This easy chart will give you the answers.

If you have sales or service questions on your Ram, Dodge, Jeep or Chrysler in the St. Louis area, please give Glendale Chrysler a call. 

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