If for any reason you don't love your pre-owned vehicle, simply return it and exchange for another one of our vehicles. Here are the details:

  1. Exchange period is three business days or 150 miles - whichever comes first. 
  2. Your pre-owned vehicle must be returned in the same condition it was purchased in.
  3. Buyer is allowed only one exchanged.

Frequently asked questions/details:

1. How do you determine the three day period?

It is three business days. A business day is any day that Glendale Chrysler is open. Saturdays are counted as a day.  The day of purchase is not counted.  Sundays and holidays that we are closed are not counted as a day. So if you buy your car on Thursday, you could exchange it as late as Monday. The vehicle must be checked in by 5pm on the day you are returning it.

2. How do you determine whether I've driven the 150 miles?

It is the number of miles driven in the vehicle between the time of your delivery and the point of return. We record the mileage of the vehicle when you purchase it, so this is pretty easy to compute.

3. Can I exchange my pre-owned vehicle for a brand new vehicle?


4. Can I exchange my new vehicle for a pre-owned vehicle?

Unfortunately no. Our new vehicles are not exchangeable. The three day Glendale Guarantee applies only to pre-owned vehicles.

5. What is considered in the "same condition"?

Driving through a puddle and getting mud on the tires is considered the "same condition."  Getting a parking lot "ding" or dent would not result in the vehicle being in the "same condition".  

We cannot accept a return where the car has in any manner been modified, damaged, altered, or involved in an accident since the time you purchased it. We also cannot accept an exchange if there has been a lien or other encumbrance added to the vehicle after your purchase (not including any finance agreement with Glendale Chrysler.)

6. How does the exchange work?

Any pre-owned vehicle may be returned to Glendale subject to the conditions described herein, and be exchanged for any other vehicle within three (3) business days.

7. What is the amount of the Return Credit for the pre-owned vehicle I am returning?

The bottom line purchase price of the pre-owned vehicle is your "Return Credit"

8. What determines the price of the vehicle I exchange for?

The "Replacement Vehicle Price" is exactly the price of that vehicle as listed on Goodcars.com on the day of the return.

9. What if the price of the vehicle of the price I exchange for is more than the Return Credit? 

If the Replacement Vehicle Price is greater than the Return Credit, you must pay the difference.

10. If the Replacement Vehicle Price is less than the Return Credit, what happens?  

In this case, we will pay you the difference.

11. What if the price of the two vehicles is the same?  

If the Return Credit and the Replacement Vehicle Price are identical, no money is owed by either party.

12. How long does this program last? 

Glendale has the right to end this program at any time but will honor the Guarantee for any vehicle sold while it was in effect.

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