If you have imperfect credit, we have the perfect solution!

Over the years at Glendale CDJR in St. Louis, we have developed a program that helps our customers to re-establish their credit and fill their immediate need for a new car, truck, or SUV!

We have had success helping people who have credit issues because of various circumstances, with comprehensive financial services to help drivers re-establish and rebuild their purchasing power. We also work with first time car buyers as well to get the best loans, terms, and rates available to them.

STL Car Loans is here for you with Guaranteed Credit Approval.

STL Car Loans is a division of Glendale CDJR which offers you some helpful advantages when buying your next vehicle:

  1. You can select from hundreds of vehicles in inventory with a great selection of different makes and models. 
  2. Unlike independent car lots, we report our financing contracts to the big three credit scoring agencies, which means your purchase with us can help you build and repair your credit history quicker.
  3. We work with the top finance companies so we can aggressively find the lowest rates for you and help make your purchase more affordable.

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